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How to Tell If You Have Bought a Counterfeit Wedding Dress

images (31)There are some factors you will want to take into careful consideration to ensure that you don’t end up buying a counterfeit wedding dress. Designer dresses are growing in popularity and you may find it important to choose a gown designed with attention to detail and care by one of the greatest wedding dress designers. This means that you also have to know what to look for to ensure you aren’t buying a fake, which you pay full price for and yet doesn’t provide you with the quality you were hoping to get for your memorable day.

Once your budget has been set aside and you have a clear idea on the designer you want to buy, then you will want to start shopping around. Sometimes looking online at the selection available and identifying some styles you think will work best for you, matching your body type, taste and theme. From here you can visit the store or order online, depending on where you live and what works best for you in the long run.

The first thing to start looking at is the reviews. Bad reviews are a serious concern, especially if you are buying online and not visiting the store to try the gown in person. Bad reviews often mean bad quality or service. Bad quality may be counterfeit wedding dresses being sold as the genuine item. Read through the reviews in detail, get a good feeling from the company you are thinking of buying from and then decide whether to proceed with the purchase or not.

Next read each wedding dress description in detail. If the company provides a website and enables you to purchase online, reading the description can also give you some sense about the company. Read the description to look for basic spelling and grammatical errors which anyone would pick up. This could be a sign that you are about to purchase from a non-reputable company or a company that is operating just to get your money and then send you a poor quality product.

Always take a few minutes, check the company’s contact page and get their address. Then put the address, not the company name, into Google Maps and identify if you see them in the street view. If you live in the area, get in the car and drive to the address. You need to know you are dealing with a real bridal shop that has been in business for years offering reliable service and top quality designer wedding dresses.

Ensure the company you purchase from will take the dress back within a set time period. All companies should offer you a refund, as long as they haven’t carried out specific alterations to fit you to perfection. This means if you get the wedding dress and realize it is not the genuine product, then you should be able to get a refund. Companies that don’t offer refunds and will only offer a replacement service or charges a restocking fee is one to be concerned about.

Here Comes The Bride is a bridal shop with over thirty years’ experience. This San Diego store offers a full service couture bridal experience to brides to be with over three hundred affordable designer dresses to choose from. Here Comes The Bride offers a personalized tailor experience with their own custom fitters, sewers, pressers and beaders.

Budgeting for a Blissful Wedding

download (100)You’re planning for the perfect wedding, but will you put the same amount of attention into planning your wedding budget? Knowing how much money you have to work with will help you plan a wedding that satisfies both your dreams and finances. While budgeting can be a daunting task, consider how the average cost of weddings in the U.S. has risen over the years, reaching $33,000 in 20161. Here are some tips to help you get started – whether you’re helping finance your child’s nuptials or your own.

Set expectations. The bride, groom and parents on each side may each have different thoughts about the ideal wedding. If you’re the bride or the groom, talk with your partner about what aspects of the wedding are most important to you. If you’re a parent, talk openly with the couple to hear their expectations.

Decide on a location. Do you have your heart set on a destination wedding? That’s great, as long as you’re prepared to incur the added expense of airfare and accommodations (and manage the logistical challenges of long-distance event planning). However, it’s common for destination weddings to have a smaller guest list, which may help balance the budget.

Put the wedding in perspective. Couples beginning a life together will likely have other financial goals, such as paying off student loans, a new car purchase or a down payment on a home. Discuss the priority and ideal timeframe of each goal to know when your financial obligations are due (if you’re a parent, determine if and how much you’ll help). Then, consider how your wedding budget fits in to those other priorities. Consider working with a financial advisor who can provide an objective look at your financial picture.

Determine who’s paying for what. It’s important to have a frank conversation as early as possible to clarify who plans to contribute and how much. If you are receiving a check from another well-wisher be clear on what, if any, expectations are tied to the money given. It’s common for others to want a say in the wedding decisions if they’ve contributed financially. Being clear up front may eliminate awkwardness tied to the gift down the road.

Manage cash flow. Cash flow can be tricky, even when your finances are in great shape. Ensure you understand how each vendor expects to be paid so you can plan your budget accordingly. Some expenses may need to be paid in full to book the services, while others may require a down payment or payment in installments leading up to the wedding.

Enlist a professional planner. If you don’t enjoy rigorous planning, or can’t afford the time it takes, consider hiring a wedding planning professional. While it is an added cost, the right planner will work within your budget to obtain the best vendors and help coordinate the big day.

Wedding Video Music and Copyright Issues

download (99)The background music of your wedding video and the way it complements with the images and footage of your wedding day can make all the difference in the final end. All the songs you select for your wedding video should remind you of your love story and bring a tear to your eye. In other words, the various scenes in the video should change to the beat of the music for the maximum effect. It is best when the couples know which songs to add to their own wedding video because that makes the video more personal – when they compose the list of the songs that will be played during the first dance or exchanging of the vows.

If you intend to have music as a part of your wedding video, you need to ask your videographer for the copyright licence and the intellectual property of the music you want to use. In general, when hiring a wedding videographer, make sure he is not violating the copyright law. Music is a huge part of your wedding video in fact; it is imaginable to have a CD without background music to enhance the mood of the event and to celebrate the occasion. Songs are considered to be intellectual property and are protected by law. You have to purchase the music you want to use, beside that you must not duplicate it or distribute it around, because they are someone else’s property. As that, you are not allowed to play a song in a public event without purchasing the rights of it.

Likewise, you need to choose music that you and your fiancé love, without worrying too much about the lyrics instead. So, you have to pay more attention to the rhythm and the melody. Hearing music that you love will remind you of pleasant memories so for maximum effect, try to mix modern music and some classic that never goes out of style. If there are songs that are important to you that include them and don’t hesitate what other people think of your choice. You can start with something soft and romantic for the reception of the guests and continue with music that is dynamic to drive up the more exciting moments in the video. It’s a good idea to choose songs with breaks, tempo changes and other interesting elements to match the mood and the story of the video.


Wedding Gift Etiquette

download (98)It’s June and the wedding invitations are arriving, and the question becomes how much do you spend on a wedding gift? The answer is: It depends…

At no time do you spend more than your budget allows.

You are encouraged to buy items off the registry. You can plug either the bride or grooms name into and discover where the couple has registered. Start early to give yourself more options.

Can you give cash? Cash is the ultimate wedding gift, both for giver and recipient. Cash doesn’t have to be bought at a certain store, is never the wrong color, and is easy to wrap by enclosing it in a thoughtful wedding card. For the couple, cash does not need to be returned with a gift receipt, will match any household décor, and can be used for many purchases and expenses no matter what the amount, cash is useful and practical gift to help a couple start their life together.

Whether you are buying a gift from the couple’s registry or giving cash, the guidelines for the amount are similar.

Relationship – Close friends and family members would receive more than a co-worker.

Travel Distance – If attending a wedding requires a plane ride and a hotel stay, you can buy something less expensive off the registry.

Wedding Party Status – In general, the wedding party gives more, but if there were above and beyond expenses – like an extremely expensive bridesmaid dress or a bachelorette getaway in Mexico – you can give less.

Other Gifts – If you are participating in other wedding activities, you can allocate your budget over these events. The general rule is 20% on an engagement party or bachelorette party (depending on what part of the country you live), 20% on the bridal shower and 60% on the wedding gift.

So how much is the right amount?

The following is a guide:

Wedding Gift

· Young person with limited budget = $50

· Co-worker or acquaintance = $50 – $75

· Friend or relative = $75 – $150

· Close friend or relative = $100 – $200 (more in urban areas)

In 2014, reflected the average amount spent on a wedding gift was $120. This is comparable to the average gift of $125 that registered.

You can send your gift ahead, bring it to the wedding or deliver it up to 1 year later. However, try to deliver within a two month period from the wedding.