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4 Things to Check Before Hiring a Bus for Your Wedding

download (1)There are many different transportation options when it comes to ensuring your guests travel in style at your wedding, ranging from stretch limos right through to classic cars. With that said, some of the most popular options available today are buses, including double decker, open top and vintage models to make this very special day even more exciting and memorable.

A wedding bus hire is also more affordable than ever before, with many companies providing these services for reasonable prices so that couples can celebrate in style without breaking the bank. When considering hiring a bus as your wedding transport, here are three things that you should check before you finalise your booking.

The first thing to check is how many people can ride in the bus, especially if you are considering hiring a smaller model. Although this might seem like an obvious point to make, checking that all of your guests are going to have a place to sit in the vehicle is very important.

Included in this consideration is that fact that some buses may not be able to carry pushchairs, buggies or wheelchairs, which can make transporting all of your guests, including children, difficult. After calculating the number of seats that you are going to need, make sure that you hire a bus or two to meet this need and also have transport available for buggies and wheelchairs if necessary.

The next thing that you should check is the price of the vehicle hire, especially if it has to travel far to your event to provide your with its services. Although wedding bus hire is becoming increasingly popular, there are still many companies that will have to travel across the country to provide you with the ideal vehicle for your wedding, whether you are after a classic bus or a double decker one.

Although you might find one locally, chances are that if your service provider is travelling a couple of hundred miles to provide transport for your wedding, you will need to pay out a little more for it. With this in mind, always ensure that your quote includes extras like additional mileage and even overnight accommodation for your driver.

Thirdly, something to check before you hire a wedding bus is whether or not it can physically access your venue, as some vehicles may simply not be able to. This is especially the case with longer buses and double decker buses. To check this information, contact your venue and also enquire about the size, height and length of the bus you want to hire.

If you find that your ideal bus is too large and cannot access your venue, you could opt to hire two or three smaller buses in order to transport your guests. Many classic bus models are smaller in size but still make for great luxury vehicles when you hire them for wedding transport on your special day.

Due to the smaller size of many classic buses, these can also be a less expensive option than larger buses, meaning that you will not necessarily have to increase your wedding bus hire budget when you book wedding transportation, as booking a couple of small buses can be surprisingly affordable.

Lastly, check the service provider’s suggestions for hire times, including simple and straightforward journeys with no waiting times, right through to all day events and evening collection. Of course with longer events prices will rise accordingly, but in your case a simple journey from A to B might be all that is required for your wedding.

In all cases, your wedding bus hire company will be able to advise on hire times and how long you should book your vehicle for. This can help you better manage your budget for your big day and take a great deal of stress out of organising the logistics of the special occasion.

Great Ideas for Wedding Car Decorations

downloadWhether you are providing your own vehicle for your wedding or instead are looking at hiring classic wedding cars for the occasion, having your vehicle decorated beautifully can make a big difference on your big day. These not only make the journey to and from the event extra special, but they also provide a memorable experience for everyone attending your wedding too.

Many people look to make an impression by hiring double decker buses or classic wedding cars for their event, and even though these vehicles are already special in their own right, well thought-out and beautiful decorations can still add an extra touch that will help make your day unforgettable in all the right ways.

The first suggestion for a great wedding decoration is the ‘Just Married’ sign, which can be designed to the couple’s particular tastes and preferences. This sign is almost essential for the bride and groom’s transport, and is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to add a special touch to your wedding transportation.

This sign can be placed in the rear window of the vehicle with a suction cup to hold it in place, or can instead be attached to the exterior of the vehicle if it is safe and possible to do so without damaging the exterior of the vehicle. For those instances where this in not possible, the interior option is still a great one in order to implement this popular decoration tradition.

In some cases, classic wedding car and bus hire services will offer ‘Just Married’ signs of their own to the people who invest in their services. These often fit in perfectly with the theme and style of the vehicle, ensuring that you make a great impression as you leave or arrive at the reception in style.

The next suggestion for a great decoration for your wedding car is adding bows and ribbons to the vehicle, including bows on door handles and ribbons fastened to the front of the car or bus. This is a very distinctive look that remains a popular one, not least because it manages to be romantic and classy all at the same time.

Again, many hire companies can and do provide these accessories, although this is not always the case. For those who want a specific colour and style of ribbon and bow decoration, it is first suggested to check with the wedding vehicle hire company to see if this is acceptable and if they have any guidelines or restrictions in this department before you start shopping.

Once you have confirmation of what is allowed and what is not you can then proceed to investing in ribbon decorations for your car. You can either make the decorations yourself to save money, or can invest in pre-made items in a variety of sizes, colours and styles. A popular colour is white – for obvious reasons – but ribbons can be large and flamboyant or small and subtle, as your prefer.

Other popular options for wedding car decorations include custom made flower arrangements that can be positioned anywhere on the vehicle. One popular location for these is behind the rear seating in an open-topped vehicle, or tucked behind the bumper of certain classic wedding cars and buses where possible.

In all cases – and regardless of the decoration that you choose – you should look to ensure that your decorations are securely attached and are unlikely to fly away whilst your vehicle is on the road. If in doubt, ask your wedding transportation company for their suggestions of what will work, ensuring that your car or bus looks beautiful on the day and makes a fantastic impression on guests.