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Save on the Dress Dreams Are Made of – Buy It Used

download (5)Keeping in mind that the dress will likely only be worn once in her lifetime, it makes no sense to most women to break the bank to buy a dress. Most spend 10% of their total wedding budget on the dress, which is crazy when considering it. Pre-owned dresses are a great option. The bride can get a top label dress for a fraction of the cost. Used dresses just make sense. Another option is to rent the dress. Learn more about the options below.

More About Used dresses

Used or pre-owned dresses are a gown that’s already been worn by another bride. They are always in perfect condition because they’ve only been worn once or sometimes never even worn at all. Expect huge discounts on a fairytale dress, which allow for expenses to be fulfilled in other areas of the event.

Secondhand or used dresses are a great choice for brides who have the most exquisite taste but perhaps not the budget. If they don’t mind that it’s been worn before, they can have exactly what they want. In fact, some dresses may even have the original tags on them if the wedding was called off or if the bride found a different dress.

What are the savings?

Expect to get up to 50% off most used dresses. It will depend on how worn it is, and the brand name. If it’s a highly desirable brand then it may be a bit less off the original price, but still a bargain. If the gown is older or has some staining and damage that’s fixable, it can be up to 80% off. The savings could allow for the bride to get accessories for the big day.

What to Know Before Making a Purchase

Before a bride-to-be buys a used dress, she should take some things into consideration to make sure it’s a great choice. First, the gown will likely be altered to fit the previous bride, so just because it is the size listed doesn’t mean it will fit as expected. It’s advisable to go a size or two larger to allow for alterations.

Another option is to ask the exact measurements and size to be sure it allows for alterations. Used dresses and dresses in general are very different from other types of clothing. Knowing the measurements will make sure it will fit.

Final Word

It is completely up to the bride to be whether she can live with a used dress or not. If she is superstitious or she wants the dress to be all hers then it won’t work out well for her mentally. However, the condition should be pristine, so there is no worry there. As long as the dress is properly cleaned it will be in like new condition.

Put the money saved towards the reception, rings, bridal party gifts and the honeymoon, even. There are so many more things that the happy couple can spend their money on, especially when starting a new life together. For most it makes sense, explore what buying a used dress can do to change a wedding for the better.