Wedding Video Music and Copyright Issues

download (99)The background music of your wedding video and the way it complements with the images and footage of your wedding day can make all the difference in the final end. All the songs you select for your wedding video should remind you of your love story and bring a tear to your eye. In other words, the various scenes in the video should change to the beat of the music for the maximum effect. It is best when the couples know which songs to add to their own wedding video because that makes the video more personal – when they compose the list of the songs that will be played during the first dance or exchanging of the vows.

If you intend to have music as a part of your wedding video, you need to ask your videographer for the copyright licence and the intellectual property of the music you want to use. In general, when hiring a wedding videographer, make sure he is not violating the copyright law. Music is a huge part of your wedding video in fact; it is imaginable to have a CD without background music to enhance the mood of the event and to celebrate the occasion. Songs are considered to be intellectual property and are protected by law. You have to purchase the music you want to use, beside that you must not duplicate it or distribute it around, because they are someone else’s property. As that, you are not allowed to play a song in a public event without purchasing the rights of it.

Likewise, you need to choose music that you and your fiancĂ© love, without worrying too much about the lyrics instead. So, you have to pay more attention to the rhythm and the melody. Hearing music that you love will remind you of pleasant memories so for maximum effect, try to mix modern music and some classic that never goes out of style. If there are songs that are important to you that include them and don’t hesitate what other people think of your choice. You can start with something soft and romantic for the reception of the guests and continue with music that is dynamic to drive up the more exciting moments in the video. It’s a good idea to choose songs with breaks, tempo changes and other interesting elements to match the mood and the story of the video.